Immersive Adventure presents the new FMC on “The James Webb Space Telescope”

Immersive Adventure has developed a new FullDome Motion Control about the James Webb Space Telescope. Built by the United States in cooperation with Europe and Canada, it is the largest observatory ever placed in space.
Its infrared vision capabilities promise to reveal things that were previously invisible.

With this FMC, we can fly over the telescope, take a closer look at the hexagonal segments designed to work as a single mirror, and learn more about one of its key elements, the heat shield.

In addition, our FMC shows the main images already received by this space observatory and each of its elements. Each of its upcoming discoveries will be regularly updated in our FullDome Motion Control.

So that your audience can get a much more accurate version of the changes between the two space telescopes, you will even be able to compare images from the James Webb Space Telescope with Hubble images from a few years ago.

With the purchase of SpaceCrafter Pro 2022 or its upgrade, we offer you this spectacular new FMC for free, bringing you closer to a part of history never seen before: the birth of the Universe some 13.5 billion years ago, the formation of the first stars and galaxies, or the existence of signs of life on extrasolar planets. Here are some of the sequences included: