Immersive Adventure works with the most experienced dome builders in the market to offer the solutions that best suit the needs of our customers

Mobile, inflatable or rigid domes

Since 1995, Immersive Adventure has been marketing the domes of the company Quim Guixà S.L. This company is known all over the world for its constructions for large-scale shows: universal exhibitions, Olympic Games or major cultural events. 

Our specialisation is to offer the products of the Quim Guixà Domes division, specialised in the field of projection: screens and domes for planetariums and spherical cinemas, and also ergonomic seats adapted to the different models of domes. With this variety we cover the different needs of the market.

The philosophy of the company is to manufacture with light, resistant and transportable materials that comply with the strictest safety standards. The domes are manufactured in various diameters, depending on the needs of each customer and the space available for the installation. Although they are almost always used indoors, more complex are also produced for outdoor installation.

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The T model is the cheapest inflatable dome sold by Immersive Adventure:

  • Indoor use only.
  • Flame retardant according to European regulations.
  • The interior of the dome is 100% opaque and matte.
  • Includes a decorative galactic background.
  • From 21 kg. by 4.5 meters of internal/useful diameter. Various diameters available.
  • European manufacturing.

4.5 meter diameter: from €7,686 (EXW price *)

4.0 meters: from €7,356 (EXW price *)
5.0 meters: from €8,767 (EXW price *)

* EXW price: taxes and transportation not included. Valid until September 2023.


Metal domes for planetariums and astronomical observatories

Immersive Adventure also collaborates with the manufacturer Gambato, an Italian firm with more than 40 years of experience in the construction of planetariums and observatories. Gambato has an impressive portfolio of projects, which combine science and technology, for public and research organizations, universities, individuals and amateur astronomy groups, promoting and making more accessible the observation of the Universe in the world.

Fermes des Etoiles du Mauroux (France). Diameter: 7 meters.


Speculoos Southern Observatory (Chile). Diameter: 6.25 meters.


National Institute for Astrophysics of Nápoli (Italy). Diameter: 10 meters.


Balì Museum Pesaro (Italy). Diameter: 8 meters.


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