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Immersive Adventure, based in Barcelona, ​​is one of the most innovative companies on the market, thanks to the significant investment in research and development of technology and software. We offer tailor-made products for screenings in museums, planetariums, astronomical observatories, universities, schools, and companies.

We also contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge through training and conferences. In addition, we manage the digital Planetarium of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, ​​providing thousands of visitors each year, experiences that spread the understanding of astronomy, the history of science and discoveries.

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Albert Pla


Albert Pla is the CEO and founder of Immersive Adventure, a company that launched in 1995 under the name Aula del Cosmos. In addition, he is co-director of La Quàntica, a space for the dissemination of science and astronomy.

His passion for astronomy and astronautics define his more than 30 years of professional career to bring to the public the wonders and secrets of the Universe, so far away and yet a key part of human history. For Albert Pla, the vault of the sky is something that connects different conceptions of the Universe, cultural visions, tradition, scientific curiosity and inspiration.

Today, its purpose is to continue to provide the world with new tools to answer the questions that assail us when we look up at the sky and make this experience an unforgettable spectacle.

David Iglesias

Technical and Training Department

Patricia Savic

Department of Customer Service and Administration

Oriol Burns

Department of Communication

External collaborators

Xavi Isern

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Infographics for companies and media.


David Herrero

CEO of Ekisolid, a company specialized in creating immersive experiences for VR and Full Dome platforms for immersive and planetary cinemas.


Esther Sardans

Consulting Strategies and Communication Skills. Trainer and Mentor. Journalist and lecturer.


Immersive Adventure has its own planetarium installed since 1995 in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. In this space topics of geography, history and astronomical navigation are discussed. It is a planetarium that connects earth, sea and sky to narrate human exploration, from the great ocean voyages to the arrival on the Moon.

Today, our installations are present in more than 150 centres around the world, in science museums, observatories, theme parks, and planetariums, to provide their customers and viewers with innovative and spectacular experiences.


We develop live interactive programming to revolutionise the way science is disseminated and connect with the needs of an increasingly demanding audience. We design exclusive digital and interactive programmes, adapted to any format.


The planetarium is an emotional and educational experience that helps us answer the great questions of the dynamic universe: from life in space, the achievements of space exploration, the cosmologies that have endured over the centuries, etc.


Our solutions are designed to be exceptionally easy to load and use. From the domes, with a fully automated assembly, to our tablet or astronomical keyboard, prepared so as to optimise presentation of your contents.

Technical support

We guarantee technical maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. No costly annual maintenance contract is required for software updates or technical support. Imagine always having the most up-to-date software functions and data.

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