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SpaceCrafter Add-on

To understand the best capabilities that SpaceCrafter Pro 23 offers us, Immersive Adventure proposes this complement, the add-on, with more a hundred files that constitute an effective tool to respond, immediately and visually, to any questions about astronomy that may arise in the planetarium. 

The add-on uses its own commands and options, executables from our custom astronomical keyboard or the Immersive Player tablet. Immersive Adventure sells this add-on on created by the company Phoenix Full dome.

The SpaceCrafter Add-on media pack includes:

  • Positioning on Earth and on other planets.
  • Set of 18 basic scripts, together with the new ISC or interactive scripts.
  • Full 360º x 360º images.
  • Basic package of 36 mini videos to answer the basic questions of astronomy and Virtual Reality films.
  • Complete shows with soundtrack in English or French.

Deforms a constellation over time

Explain the coordinates

Represents the traces of the stars at any latitude

Draw your own asterism


THE ISC: the new scripts for total interaction

The power of the SpaceCrafter Pro 23 allows to with more complex scripts. The result is a visual, useful and intuitive presentation that allows the planetarium’s operator to modify the parameters on the fly. In addition, with the Joypad can be controlled the display content, recording each of movements and moving at will according to the needs of each moment.

These are the ISC available for SpaceCrafter Pro 2023:

Sky quality

Change the weather conditions in place to see how this affects the quality of the observation. 


Vision of the skies of the world

Discover how they perceived the Big Dipper, Orion, Scorpio, the Moon and the Milky Way of the different cultures.


World visions

Relive the different eras with the philosophers and scientists who developed the different models of the Cosmos with which they lived. 


HR Diagram and detection of exoplanets

Shows the evolution of the stars through the Hertzsprung Russell diagram, as well as the methods of detecting planets.


Solar system landers

Fly over Venus, Mars and the Moon to show the different accidents geographical and tell the story of the landers with information, images and their location on the planet.


Time scale of the universe

Relive the evolution of the Universe at different scales of size and time, from the big bang to its probable end.


The coincidences of life

Understand how we are here by chance. The series of events that have caused the explosion of life could also have ended with it.


Explorers of Earth, of the sea and of the Cosmos

Sky and Beyond Follow humanity’s passionate efforts to locate itself in space and time. From the measurement of the Earth by Eratosthenes, to the flight of Montgolfier or getting to step on the Moon.


*Earth, sun and moon

Details the phases of the Moon, as well as the particular alignments that give rise to occultations and eclipses, interactively.


*Land navigator

Choose your destination on a land map immersive and automatically get the panorama of the place where you have landed.


*Travel  through the solar system

Tour the planets, asteroids, and moons smoothly and immersive with the joypad and its controls advanced, placing adapted images and scenarios.


*Electromagnetic spectrum

Browse the electromagnetic spectrum so that your audience understand the value of looking beyond the visible spectrum.


*These ISC scripts is included in the SpaceCrafter Pro 23 + add on package. 

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