Immersive Player Venus is the new manager program used to organize, distribute, and launch the contents of SpaceCrafter Pro 23, its plugins and FMCs. This new version works with a more modern, visual and intuitive interface. It works with any operating system or browser, and requires a modem connected to the computer, without an internet connection.

The Top Menu allows:

  • Customize session content
  • Store videos and scripts separated by folders
  • Delve into the Solar System
  • Skies of other cultures
  • Panoramas of the Earth
  • Set the sky on the chosen day, time and place

The tablet offers two workspaces. In 1, you will find:

  1. General planetarium controls
  2. Discovering the sky and its objects
  3. The Solar System
  4. Fundamental astronomy
  5. New “kids” space for children
  6. A space for your own session

In 2, you will find general topics related to astronomy and the cosmos.

  1. Mythology and cosmogonies
  2. Cosmovisions and history of astronomy
  3. The galaxy and its objects
  4. Space exploration
  5. Cosmology

In addition, this new version includes:

  • 4 music files associated with the themes, completely free of rights. Immersive Adventure is the owner of this music.
  • New organization of the 88 classic constellations: by season of the year, hemisphere, circumpolar or zodiacal, and also by discoverer and mythological family.
  • Usability of the interface to control videos more easily and add anchor points to move to a desired point.
  • A special screen to organize the information of scripts, videos, texts or images.
  • An extra package of 20 videos and scripts associated with the constellations.

“Immersive Player Venus and SpaceCrafter Pro 23 share the same purpose:
personalize the sessions with maximum efficiency, with the most
intuitive, to connect with the audience in a more interactive, playful and


Immersive Adventure has created this unique joypad design to ensure a better immersive experience.  Through smoother and more fluid movements, you will be able to control, steer and move through the software content, SpaceCrafter Pro 23 and FMC. With joypad in hand, you can even give your audience the opportunity to experience moving through the Universe.

Astronomical keyboard

Immersive Adventure offers an astronomical keyboard designed to complement your sessions. With backlit keys, direct access to videos, scripts, shows… it has all the resources to guarantee the best management of its contents.

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