Immersive Adventure is a company specialized in 360 projection either in planetary format, spherical cinema, or virtual reality. We supply fixed and portable equipment as well as projection screens. Depending on the infrastructure, installation, content and budget, we study the ideal formula to make our customers' dreams come true.
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Software and Contents

Take control with our SpaceCrafter Pro 23 program, SpaceCrafter Add-onSpaceCrafter Navigation or the new FMC and Virtual Reality! Unlike the video, you will enjoy scenery designed for you and your audience to be the real protagonists. Our software is designed to explore the Universe in an intuitive, interactive, and pedagogical way.

Projection and Control desk

With our equipment, it will be distinguished by the enormous number of possibilities that they offer. From the quality of the projectors with their own optical systems, to our tablet with the built-in Immersive Player program, a backlit astronomical keyboard and a joypad adapted to this technology.

Planetarium domes

We offer projection domes, fixed or mobile, from 3 to 10 meters in diameter. Our facilities are present in more than 100 centres around the world, in the main science museums, theme parks, observatories and planetariums to provide their spectators with innovative and spectacular experiences.


«We have used Immersive Adventure MIP system since 2011. Our audiences and us are completely satisfied. Digital presentations are both educational and spectacular at the same time because of the 180º projection. The planetarium content is suitable for children, adults and families altogether, they all come out of the dome totally amazed. It is a high quality system!»
Loïc Javoy FRMJC Région Center, France
«I am very impressed with everything about the Immersive Adventure MIP system. Both build quality and image quality are excellent, the technical support from the company has been excellent and the planetarium provides a very cost-effective solution for the mobile dome service I offer. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!»
Simon Ould Space Odissey, UK
«Since January 2010 we are operating very successfully three Mobile Planetarium sets from Immersive Adventure. In June 2014 we greeted the 100,000 visitors at our workshops. Mostly all shows are given on location, and we are still very satisfied with the quality of the product. The way the software can be approached fits perfectly with our ideas about Live Interacting Planetarium Shows.»
Jaap Vreeling Nova Information Center, The Netherlands
«I first encountered Immersive Adventures back in 2016 when I purchased a projection system and software from them. When I became in independent planetarium provider, they were my first choice to provide a dome, projector, and software. Unlike other suppliers, Albert Pla and his team are passionate planetarium presenters themselves. They understand the demands and needs of small providers and provide top quality projectors, domes, and software. I would go nowhere else.»
Dr Mark Gallaway Starlight STEM Limited, UK
«Espectacular simulación interactiva de un vehículo lunar que permite al público dirigirlo con un gran realismo. El mapeado del terreno y la presencia de obstáculos 3D contribuyen a conseguir una experiencia cercana a la realidad. Esta tecnología junto con las técnicas de realidad virtual que incorpora el software ofrece grandes posibilidades para modelizar fenómenos y experimentos no sólo en el campo estrictamente astronómico. Una fantástica herramienta educativa.»
Rafael Clemente Soler, ingeniero experto en exploración espacial Autor de varios libros y colaborador en medios de comunicación
«Depuis près de 10 ans nous utilisons un planétarium itinérant Quim Guixà avec Space Crafter Pro en 2K dès sa sortie en 2017. Pour nos team buiding et séminaires d’entreprises, nous avons acquis le FMC de la Lune auprès d’Immersive Adventure: le graphisme et le réalisme des missions Apollo sont époustouflants, pas étonnant que Charlie Duke, le 10e astronaute à avoir marcher sur la Lune ait été conquis lorsque qu’il a découvert ce FMC au festival EXPLOR’ESPACE à Paris en automne 2021! Nos clients apprécient le côté spectaculaire, immersif, ludique et apprenant de cette exploration lunaire qui permet de mener des challenges interactifs par équipes sous le planétarium.»
Sébastien Sanz Dirigeant fondateur Invitez les étoiles!, Paris
«Nous utilisons le projecteur MIP 1200 et le logiciel SpaceCrafter Pro d’Immersive Adventure depuis 4 ans. Et je dois dire que tous les animateurs et moi en sommes vraiment très satisfaits.
Grâce au clavier aux multiples fonctions, ce logiciel aux graphismes très propres est très facile à mettre en œuvre. Toutes les questions du public (astronomie, histoire, navigation...) trouvent ainsi rapidement une réponse claire, imagée, et réaliste. Un vrai bonheur pour nos visiteurs comme pour les animateurs.»
Régis Plichart President Association Proscience

Current Affairs and News

Immersive Adventure presents the new FMC on “The James Webb Space Telescope”

Immersive Adventure has developed a new FullDome Motion Control about the James Webb Space Telescope. Built by the United States in cooperation with Europe and Canada, it is the largest observatory ever placed in space. Its infrared vision capabilities promise to reveal things that were previously invisible.

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Participate in the Immersive Adventure script competition… until January 31!

Immersive Adventure is organizing a competition for the creation of 12 scripts related to the monthly astronomical ephemeris, the fixed ephemeris. Participants must create 12 simple scripts to explain what happens in the sky throughout the year.

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Astroanut Charles Duke drives our Lunar Rover

As NASA prepares to return to the Moon 50 years later, Immersive Adventure has developed a new programme, FMC (Fulldome Motion Control) for planetariums, that allows us to drive and discover the surface of the Moon with the Lunar Rover. The technology has allowed us to recreate the sensation of […]

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Our customers

We are proud to provide our customers with all the components needed for a successful immersive experience: projection systems, software and interactive content, videos, tablet, astronomical keyboard, joypad, mobile and fixed domes… And we keep thinking about new possibilities to do that the immersive experience is unforgettable.

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