SpaceCrafter Navigation

SpaceCrafter Navigation is a digital celestial simulator applied to astronomical navigation. Thanks to its extensive content and adaptability, it is recommended software for the development, not only of nautical content, but also of mathematics, cartography and geography. Being an Add-On for SpaceCrafter Pro 23 it works in Linux/Ubuntu environment and soon on Windows.

It is especially aimed at nautical, professional or sports schools, nautical-themed institutions or museums and universities. This program guarantees a visual, enjoyable and entertaining educational experience, the result of the professional and teaching experience of the Immersive Adventure team in this sector.

“With SpaceCratfer Navigation we are restoring the importance of the classic planetarium in the popularization of fundamental astronomy, thanks to the technological advantages of the digital format.”

These are the main functions of SpaceCrafter Navigation.


  • Primary vertical of local azimuthal lines.
  • Local meridian with the azimuth wheel in the center (from 0º to 360º) around it, too.
  • Better reading.
  • Place the projection of the celestial meridian of Aries on the local sky.
  • Place the projection of the local Greenwich meridian on the sky.
  • Ecliptic with divisions in each degree.
  • Equator and equatorial coordinates.
  • Puts the equator of the sky and the equatorial circle around the celestial pole.
  • Draw the nautical triangle with the selected star.

Weather information

  • Time in Greenwich UTC (Coordinated Universal Time referred to the Sun medium).
  • Sidereal Time in Greenwich GST.
  • Local sidereal time LST.
  • Local civil time (time according to longitude).
  • Equation of time.
  • Time of the passage of the mean sun through the local meridian TL Pass.
  • Time of the passage of the mean sun by Greenwich TGM Pass.
  • Angular distance between two stars or other bodies in the sky.

Compasses and orientation

  • Compass with 8 headings at 45º.
  • 32 course compasses at 11º15′.
  • Polynesian compass.
  • Wind roses.

Star information

  • Right Ascension/Declination.
  • Sidereal Angle (complementary of RA).
  • Astronomical body’s local time.
  • The local time in Greenwich of the astronomical object.
  • Height and azimuth of the star.
  • Angle at the pole.
  • Day length.

SpaceCrafter Navigation includes an Add-on with different multimedia contents to delve into the mathematics necessary to understand astronomical navigation. The program includes a guide with all the specific functions to facilitate its use either on the astronomical keyboard, on the tablet and the Joypad.

10 Positioning: allow you to represent the sky at specific times and places; advance or retard time; go around a star or move away from it or manipulate the coordinates to locate yourself where you want: in your town, in the Antipodes, in Greenwich or on Easter Island, etc.

Positioning at Stonehenge and at Greenwich


24 Mini videos to explain the rotation of the Earth, the precession, the tracks of the stars around the South Pole or the mean Sun.

 Use of the maritime astrolabe / The importance of the chronometer


20 Scripts to simulate the real sun and the mean sun, solar refraction, altitude circles, the nautical triangle, the seasons, the midnight sun, retrogradation, quadrantal circular compass, or superimpose the firmament on the terrestrial surface.

32-way nautical compass with fourths (includes meridian and vertical)


20 Global textures that allow full dome projection of the Earth with winds, currents, clouds, sea temperatures, ice growth, historical navigation routes, time zones, etc.


And… the FMC of The Conquest of the Earth to be able to relive the adventures of the explorers who discovered the Earth: from the Poles to the roof of the world in the Himalayas and to the deepest area of the oceans, the Mariana Trench.

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