SpaceCrafter Pro 23

SpaceCrafter Pro 23 is a planetarium software that allows you to create and direct your own universe to meet the needs of an increasingly informed and demanding audience looking for new sensory experiences.
Immersive Adventure is committed to the evolution of this sky simulator and we have turned it into a human relationship tool to facilitate the connection with your audience in a more interactive, playful and comfortable way.

The new SpaceCrafter Pro 23 allows:

  • Personalize your sessions and make them unique
  • Enjoy the tools to create scripts, from the simplest to the most complex
  • Improve creation and interaction with 3D objects
  • Travel seamlessly through the known Universe
  • Have at your disposal a learning curve adapted to your needs

“Spacecrafter has been part of Immersive Adventure’s DNA since we first helped fund this software. Today we continue to renew its architecture to personalize the sessions and enjoy a more fluid and spectacular navigation.”

Fly free through the Universe

Now with SpaceCrafter Pro 23 you have the possibility to fly more smoothly and freely through the Solar System, stars and galaxies. The joypad allows you to zoom away from Earth and move at will to approach other bodies and, once you are close enough, you can dock onto them, rotate them or change the coordinates or texture.

In addition, you can point to an object and simply navigate towards it. Stars have an active texture and more complex bodies, such as exoplanets (Trappist 1, Sirius or Proxima Centauri, etc.) appear with an imaginary representation.


Better resolution of the photographic and vector aspect of the program for a more immersive and realistic experience

You will enjoy sharper textures and images to take better advantage of the zoom tool. Also, you will be able to split solid objects into more polygons to simulate multiple objects.
Among other functions, you will get a simulation of the rings of Saturn and Uranus; the new positioning with the ground of Venus; a more volumetric Milky Way where the combined gas and dust are recreated; the hidden part of the planetary nebula of Helix or M57 and, with a single action, you will find 4 objects that can change the texture instantly: the Sun, Venus, Earth and Mars.


A new Milky Way with more stars and better defined clusters

This update enhances the texture of our galaxy and the environment has a more realistic appearance with more stars. The globular clusters of our galaxy and Andromeda are now visible.

The programme allows us to observe, in more detail, the galaxies close to ours and their clusters, including the function to add their names.


Update with the latest advances discovered in astronomy and astronautics to stay up to date

Recent times have brought us exciting and surprising space advances for science. Immersive Adventure hasn’t stopped moving forward either, incorporating the latest achievements in space exploration, like the orbits of the new and controversial Starlink satellites and the addition of the 6dF galactic catalogue of the AAO.
As if it were a real spaceship, SpaceCrafter Pro takes you to the known universe, thanks to the cartography developed by AAO, the Anglo-Australian Observatory, in the southern hemisphere.


And many other tools to make the planetarium session a more pleasant and professional experience.

  • Mirror the video for easy viewing from any point in the dome.
  • Independently select deep sky objects.
  • Memorise constellation selection when changing celestial cultures.
  • Enjoy a better rendering of the orbits.
  • Name the stars in “flight mode”.
  • And what’s more… this new version is highly recommended for learning programming: SpaceCrafter Pro 23 records all your movements to facilitate your learning!

Create your own universe, beyond astronomy, with SpaceCrafter Pro 23!

If you want to know more, write to us or contact us to set up a face-to-face or zoom meeting and see all the news live.

Immersive Adventure recommends these minimum requirements for optimal SpaceCrafter Pro 23 performance:

  • Computer tower or desktop computer (no laptop or tablet)
  • Updated computer with the most advanced system
  • NVIDIA LP dedicated graphics card (independent, preferably from generation 1650 GP)
  • Latest generation processor (minimum i5)
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 16GB RAM

SpaceCrafter Pro 23 and the multimedia files it contains are managed through an astronomical keyboard and the use of a Joypad. Immersive Adventure also offers an Immersive Player tablet to be able to work with them in a more visual and intuitive way.

Download Comet.sts and Osiris-Rex scripts for Spacecrafter


(The ZIP file contains PDF instructions for installing the scripts).

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