Participate in the Immersive Adventure script competition… until January 31!

Immersive Adventure is organizing a competition for the creation of 12 scripts related to the monthly astronomical ephemeris, the fixed ephemeris.

Participants must create 12 simple scripts to explain what happens in the sky throughout the year. One for each month. These can be positional astronomy scripts, for example, what happens at solstices or equinoxes. They may show the sky at particular times, for example, the visibility of galaxies in Berenice or Leo coma during May. Or they can be space ephemeris, such as the anniversary of Sputnik in October.

Complex scripts can be developed, including videos. The aim of this script package is to be an easy-to-use tool and to add value to the planetarist’s sessions.

There will be only one winner for each prize, and each participant will only be eligible for one of the prizes. These are the three categories that are eligible:


Immersive Adventure will not distribute these scripts to the participants but will incorporate them (whether they win or not) into the programmes it markets to its clients.

The submission period ends on January 31, 2023.

Immersive Adventure wishes you good luck!

For more information, please contact us: